The Callindra Chronicles Book 3: A Fall of Stars – Chapter 22

“I see a sewer grate.”  She said, “If we’re lucky there is an entrance to the sewers in this building.  We can sneak underneath all these Taken and escape on that river boat.”

Cronos moved to the center of the warehouse and wrought a spell more subtle than Callindra would have thought him capable of.  A hole burned through the roof nearly silently as he summoned and spread a layer of acid across the roof tiles.  They slid down a rope Reed anchored to a chimney into the darkness of the warehouse.

“Follow me.”  Kain said, “I can see in the dark.  Everyone hold hands.”

They put their trust in him and moved through the building in complete darkness.  After what seemed forever, Kain stopped.  “I can see a grate.  I’m going to lift it and take a look.”

He was back in a few minutes, “I think it leads out to the water, I didn’t see anything in the way.”

Callindra went down first, stumbling slightly as Kain helped her descend to the tunnel below.  A faint glow of flickering firelight gave just enough illumination that she could see the rough stone of the sewer under her feet.  While the others climbed through the grate, she crept down the tunnel.  Something about the way the wind moved made her stop just before the sewer emptied into the river.

Something was slowly moving in the water of the river, making ripples that lapped at the edge of the tunnel.

She focused on the ripples in the water and the corresponding disturbances in the air and realized that something very large or a very large number of things were lurking just beneath the surface of the water.  If they entered the water here, it was likely to be nearly as much if not more difficult than braving the throngs of Taken above.

Behind her, Holt made just enough of a sound approaching that she was sure he’d done it on purpose to alert her of his presence.  The man had an uncanny ability to move without making a sound.  She held up a hand to signal him to stop and backed up slowly to where he waited.

“What is it?” He asked, his mouth close to her ear.

“Something is in the water.”  She said, turning her face to his ear in turn.  “Either one or two big things or many small things.  I can’t be sure.  There isn’t a way to get by without alerting them of our presence I don’t think.”

“One of the others may have an idea.  Perhaps there’s a spell that could be used.”  He said, his voice confident.

If only she wasn’t so exhausted she could probably have formed a wind bridge, or at very least she could have gotten herself there.  Maybe Holt was right though.  Maybe Cronos had a trick up his sleeve.  They retreated up the tunnel to the others and told them what they’d found.

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