Book 3: A Fall of Stars

In the third volume of The Callindra Chronicles, the world has been thrown into chaos.  Packs of Abyssal Taken roam, killing anything in their path.  With Jorda dead at the hands of Morde and the Grandfather Tree burned, all life seems to be faltering and falling to the things infected with the flames from the depths of the Abyss.  All seems lost and our hero’s seem to have given up until visitors searching for their broken Brotherhood inspire them to go into the world once more to look for answers.

After his bittersweet victory over Mistress Caverstorm and the assumption of the title, Durrak has left the Drakranda school and travels the wasted lands searching for the enemy who destroyed his city.  On the trail of Cerioth the Black, he meets with many folk and follows a path that he hopes will lead him to his final vengeance.