Halloween Promotion!

Good day my wonderful readers, I’m writing a quick blurb to let you know that today and today only, my horror novel The After-Death is free to download from smashwords!  It’s Halloween after all, my favorite holiday and what better way to celebrate than by giving my loyal fans a treat?  To claim your prize, download the book here  and enter coupon code BR73V on checkout.  Hey, if you want, you can buy my other books while you’re there too; your patronage is most appreciated.

Here is my annual Halloween blessing.

Once more I do indeed wish thee and thine a most blessed Samhain eve. May the dead dance for you once again. May their songs sing you into another year. Burn the sage and drink the wormwood over the aquamarine. The veil is at its thinnest. Revel in the merriment of the deceased as they send to you their joy, wisdom and strength.

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